Carpet Cleaning

Professional Powerful Hot Water Extraction

How Can We Help?


After introductions, the cleaning begins!

  • We prep the rooms to be cleaned, Picking up as many items off the floor as we can
  • We bring in our fully sanitized cleaning tools and hoses, starting at the furthest point we clean our way back towards the entry point
  • We shift most furniture, clean underneath, put back in place
  • We then pre-spray the main traffic areas with a natural and safe detergent
  • We then clean the carpet with up to 350 psi of water at 220°F, and immediately extract the soiled water out of the carpets with our powerful vacuum
  • With our system the carpet will feel only damp to the touch, and leaves virtually no residue
  • After we have extracted as much water as possible, we will apply a natural and pleasant smelling deodorizer (free option)
  • We also offer to apply protectant after the cleaning, it is safe and free of PFOAs. This will help prolong the cleaning, and help prevent stains from absorbing into the carpet or upholstery.

Area Rugs

Whether we pick them up or clean them on location, your area rugs will look Good and smell Good!

Area rugs make a beautiful addition to any home. Cleaning area rugs is not always as simple as it is to clean wall-to-wall carpeting. Often times area rugs are made of wool, or silk and need to be handled with care and cleaned by experienced professionals. Whether your area rugs are big or small, fringed or unfringed, we can clean them!

Expert Tips

Absorb spills using a dry rag.

When something is spilled on the carpet, absorb as much as possible using a dry rag. Then place a damp rag over the spot and apply pressure to absorb as much as you can.

Do not apply soap or scrub.

Do not apply soap or scrub the carpet aggressively, this will set stains in and fray the carpet fibers.

Rearrange Furniture Periodically.

Rearranging furniture periodically in a carpeted room will help reduce wear in the traffic lanes.

Vacuum carpet daily.

Vacuuming carpet on a daily basis removes grit and debris, helping to reduce wear

Avoid renting machines.

Avoid renting or purchasing carpet cleaning machines that rely on harsh chemicals, or over saturating the carpet. These machines leave soap residue in the carpet and can cause the carpet to soil faster