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Draperies are a beautiful and functional addition to any home. Not only beautiful, draperies also block sunlight, and provide a thermal barrier. They are a worthwhile investment, and we want to keep them looking and feeling new as long as possible. However, No matter how well kept a home is, inevitably draperies will need to be cleaned. Close proximity to windows, and moisture from hands, makes It difficult to keep drapes clean. Combine that with circulating dust and pollen, and the impurities can add up fast. At Good and Clean we will drive out to your home or business, take down the drapes, professionally dry clean them, and re-hang the drapes. There is no charge for taking down and rehanging of the drapes.

Valances cornices pelmets

Top window dressings like boxed valances and cornices can add a unique and classy look to any home. While beautiful, these kinds of window dressings are not always made with cleaning in mind. And Putting something attached to wood in the washing machine is not an option. If the fabric is stapled or cannot be removed from the board, we have the experience and tools to clean top window dressings on location.

Expert Tips

Rotate Draperies Periodically

When Opening, closing, or adjusting draperies, often times we find ourselves tugging on the edge of the drapery. Over time this can cause the edge to become warped or worn. Periodically rotating the draperies from left to right helps reduce wear.