We love our Pets, they are part of the Family

How Can We Help?

All of our detergents are pet safe.

Our process is harmless and will leave your carpets clean and virtually residue free.

Pet stains

Hot water extraction is the best solution for removing pet stains. We use hot water under pressure to loosen the stain from the carpet and immediately extract the water. The powerful vacuum removes as much soiling as possible and leaves the carpet nearly dry. We then apply natural odor neutralizing enzymes to eliminate any odor at no charge.

Reappearing stains

Occasionally stains will reappear on a carpet after a cleaning. This normally happens when stains that have soaked into the backing of the carpet or pad, wick up to the surface over time. Soap residue is another common reason stains reappear. Soap is sticky and when it dries in the carpet, it becomes a magnet for dirt. Unlike less powerful machines purchased or rented from stores, our process leaves virtually no residue in the carpet.


If a stain reappears on the carpet after we have cleaned it, we will return and clean the carpet again at no cost.